The season’s about to change, and the weather is pretty perfect — it’s our favorite time of year at the ’days. For some reason, in some parts of the world, people celebrate the changing seasons with a big, multi-week beer and sausage fest, and hey, who are we to argue with that?

Our little take on the whole thing is called Nowafest. It runs from Friday, September 21st through Saturday, October 6th. We’ll have special beers from Threes Brewing and other local breweries, and we’ll have some German staples for the traditionalists. We’ll also have amazing sausages from The Meat Hook at the food truck. (In case you didn’t know, The Meat Hook is probably the best butcher on the eastern seaboard.)

We’re doing a special, seated (but still easy-going) dinner on the first night of the fest — Friday, September 21st. Twenty-five bucks gets you all the Meat Hook sausages and sides you’d like, plus we’ll have some extra-hard-to-get brews from Threes for sale at the bar to help you wash ’em all down.

4p – 11p / reservations