Being amongst community, hearing music and dancing without distraction is very important to a lot of the folks who come to Nowadays. It’s okay if you come here simply looking for a fun time out, but we do ask that you respect the importance that this place holds to other people inside by following a few guidelines:

First, we have zero tolerance for violence, racism, transphobia, sexism or other discriminatory language or actions. Please do not stare at anyone. And remember that if you want to touch another guest or someone who is working, ask first if it’s okay.

Also, please do not use your cell phone or take photos when you’re on or around the dance floor. If you need to use your phone for any purpose, just step away to the bar or another area in the space.

We also ask you to minimize conversations on the dance floor to help us keep the space for people who really want to dance. If you wanna have a long chat with friends, or hang out and listen to the tunes, there are a lot of other great places you can go do those things in the space.

If anyone or anything makes you feel unsafe while you’re inside, please look out for safer space monitors, or go to anyone else on staff, and they will help you out.

Thank you! And have fun!