In an effort to create a space where all people feel safe, we don’t tolerate any of these things within our walls or in our back yard:

– Violence
– Non-Consensual Touching
– Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or Other Discriminatory Language
– Leering

If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here please let anyone on staff know.

We also ask that, for the sake of the vibe, no one uses their phones or takes photos anywhere on the dance floor.


To keep you, our staff and our greater community safe, we’ve instituted these practices for opening during the pandemic:

-All staff will wear PPE and do temperature checks at the beginning of every shift.
-To keep capacity within state guidelines, everyone who comes into Nowadays will need to have a reservation.
-Tables will be at least six feet apart. We ask that you stay at your table unless you’re using the bathroom or using the smoking section.
-We don’t accept reservations for more than ten people. If you have a larger party, you can reserve two tables, but it’s important that no one stands to congregate or switches tables. We’ll make every effort to seat larger parties close enough to speak to each other from table to table.
-You’ll need to wear a face covering anytime you’re not at your table.
-Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the space, and common surfaces will be disinfected regularly, with tables and seats disinfected between seatings.