Analog Soul

Brooklyn-based twin sister DJ collective Analog Soul has been a mainstay in the New York underground since the days of their eponymous show, which ran weekly on East Village Radio from 2004 to 2009. Known for their diversity in sound, the sisters aim to create soundscapes that explore a deeper, groovier side of house, Detroit techno, acid, electro and electronica.

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Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples is a Miami transplant who made his production debut in 2012 with the Mad Disrespect EP on Mister Saturday Night Records. Since then, he’s released tunes on Rubadub, City2-St Giga, The Trilogy Tapes, Text and Good Morning Tapes.

He runs two record labels: Incienso  (alongside Jenny Slattery) and Proibito.

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Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal is a producer, DJ and creator of Brooklyn’s Mutual Dreaming party series and the Sustain-Release festival. Her hardware live and DJ sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity that’s at turns playful, dark, acidic, hard, euphoric and emotionally vulnerable. In all her projects, she treats dance music as an arena for transformation, and underground as the final destination.

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Eamon Harkin

Eamon Harkin is one half of the partnership that is all things Mister Saturday Night and Nowadays — label, party and brick and mortar gathering place. As a producer, he has released records on Argot, Throne of Blood, Wurst Music Co. and Mister Saturday Night Records.

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FNV is JT Almon and Michael Magnan.

JT Almon is a DJ and music producer from Orlando, Florida, living in New York City. His debut release, Legendary, is out now on IAMSIAM.

Michael Magnan is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ and producer based in NYC. Aside from working solo, you can find him collaborating on music with Allergy Season boss Physical Therapy under the moniker Fatherhood. / jt’s soundcloud / jt’s ra / michael’s ra

Justin Carter

Justin Carter is a DJ and musician. Alongside Eamon Harkin, he is also the co-founder of Nowadays. In addition to being a resident DJ at Nowadays, Justin is a resident and founder of Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, New York party institutions that have been running since 2009. He released his debut solo album, The Leaves Fall, in 2017.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a New Jersey born-and-raised producer and DJ known for a constantly shifting and abstracted take on club music. His catalogue includes releases on Liberation Technologies, The Corner, Unknown to the Unknown, Work Them and SOBO. In addition to his solo work, he collaborates regularly with Michael Magnan (as Fatherhood), LA-4A (as PTA) and Matrixxman.

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Seltzer is Precolumbian and BEARCAT.

Precolumbian is a Philadelphia-based DJ, musician, cultural creator and co-founder of queer experimental club night Seltzer. Her work was honored with the 2013 Leeway Transformation Award and has been featured in The Fader, NPR, MTV, Remezcla and Fact Magazine.

BEARCAT is a London-born, Philadelphia-based artist whose emotive, uncompromising sets draw from deeply personal experiences and Diaspora roots. She has worked as a DJ, producer, audio engineer and professional make-up artist since 2005.

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Discwoman co-founder Umfang was born in the Bronx, grew up in Kansas and has been living in Brooklyn since 2010. Her amorphous polyrhythmic productions have been most recently released on Ninja Tune.

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Working Women

Working Women is a project rooted in elaboration, uncertainty and persistence. A collaboration between DJs Nicely, Nina and Voices, the project embraces improvisation, emotional exchange, theatricality, collective listening, taking knowing chances and, above all, an ongoing commitment to the art of DJing, collaborating and exploring a breadth of musical styles.

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