Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples is a Queens, New York, based music producer, DJ, and the co-founder of the record label Incienso. He has released three studio albums, one mixtape, twelve EPs and singles, and a few remixes on labels such as Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Text Records, DFA, Heavenly, and Kalahari Oyster Cult.

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Aurora Halal

Shadowy and psychedelic, Aurora’s live hardware & DJ sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity that’s at turns playful, dark, euphoric and emotionally vulnerable. In all her projects, she treats dance music as an are­na for trans­for­ma­tion and since 2010, her events have been root­ed in an under­ground, DIY approach that push­es for­ward-think­ing sounds, pro­duc­tion, and ideas. She’s spent the last 10 years tour­ing like-mind­ed clubs, raves, and fes­ti­vals world­wide and gained a rep­u­ta­tion for pow­er­ful, unique per­for­mances that work both the body and mind. She’s 4 years into a res­i­den­cy at NYC’s Nowa­days, is a reg­u­lar at Berghain and pre­vi­ous­ly De School.

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Ayesha’s musical approach brings together a love for manipulating found-sounds and a knack for trippy sound design, channeling percussive techno rhythms and UK soundsystem pressure in equal measure. The result is heady, maximal body music tailored to the dancefloor. Similarly, Ayesha’s DJ sets are a menage of styles, reflecting her playful curiosity as a producer and years spent as a working DJ in DC’s club and warehouse party scene. Expect big dancefloor moments, with Ayesha digging deep across techno, breaks, garage, and all the areas between.

After almost 10 years of DJ experience, Ayesha is also slowly gaining notoriety as a producer of forward-thinking Club music. The release of her last EP ‘Potential Energy’ on UK label Scuffed Recordings in 2021 set off a wave of momentum with no end in sight. Following releases on respected outposts Fever AM and Control Freak, and a contribution to rising NYC label Eto Ano’s No Cash In Booth compilation, Ayesha’s work has received critical praise from RA (Best New Music), DJ Mag (Fresh Kicks), and the hotly-tipped Lobster Theremin (LT Podcast 176) who join a growing list of international supporters.

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DJ Python

Originally inspired by the dembow rhythms emanating from souped-up Honda Civics during his teenage years in Miami, Piñeyro’s first forays into electronic music production were influenced by reggaeton. Already well-versed in house, IDM, dnb/jungle and downtempo, Piñeyro came up with a dreamier dembow varietal that was softer around the edges, integrating the headspace and soulful atmospherics of ambient and deep house.

Python’s all-tempo DJ style, honed in New York City’s network of dance bars, became an underground phenomenon. Piñeyro would follow his debut album with the deft, melodic Derretirse 12-inch for Dekmantel, as well as DJ gigs and live PAs at Sustain-Release, Unsound, Dekmantel, Tokyo’s Contact club and Printworks to name a few. At home in New York, he holds down a residency at Nowadays in Queens and frequently plays with friends around the city.

With that momentum, Piñeyro prepared for the spring 2020 release of the second DJ Python album, Mas Amable. Then the world stopped. Yet somehow, the album—both a 45-minute piece and an eight-track LP, an ambient composition and a modern club record—was exactly what people needed to hear amidst the uncertainty of lockdown. Gauzy atmospherics stretched over hypnotic  beats like a blanket, spoken word sections by NYC poet LA Warman were listless yet prescient. An ambient house record for a new generation, Mas Amable came in at #1 on Boomkat and Resident Advisor’s list of the best albums of 2020. Other accolades for Mas Amable came from Pitchfork (30 Best Electronic Releases Of 2020, 22 Best Songs By Latinx Artists in 2020, The 100 Best Songs Of 2020), The Quietus, Crack, NPR and many more.

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DJ Voices

In the current club music landscape, any adherence to specific genres and styles is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Few stages bring this into as sharp relief as New York City, where the return to the halcyon days of its place as a dance music capital of the world has been well underway for some time now. Kristin Malossi’s work as DJ Voices, a founding member of the collective Working Women, and as booker for Ridgewood nightclub Nowadays, encapsulates this new riveting era perfectly and succinctly, imbuing any dance floor she touches with a unique, vital energy. Originally hailing from southern Florida, she spent her formative years in New York as a curator immersed in this multi-faceted and highly-charged scene. She crafted her own niche swiftly, and ever since then has worked tirelessly to champion and center the sounds and creators that moved her the most. From her resident nights at Nowadays, her regular shows on The Lot Radio, to her increasingly frequent sojourns to dance floors across the globe and mixes featured in Fact, Pitchfork and Resident Advisor, she’s bringing the frequencies and sounds that taught her to as many people as she can, and in a voice that is unmistakably her own.

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DONIS pronounced (DAH-NIS) is a Afro Dominican DJ/Producer born and raised in New York City. Their style is rooted in the city’s Soulful House Music history. Through the growing club culture in their home borough of Brooklyn, they have expanded their sonic palette playing various styles of electronic music and mixing US regional styles with their Latin/Caribbean heritage. They have become well known in the underground scene playing parties for Papi Juice, Boiler Room, Dweller Festival and regularly playing at local venues like Lebain, Elsewhere and Paragon. In 2022 they dropped a single on critically acclaimed compilation, Where Were You by Somersault Records and has been shelling their residency at renowned club Nowadays.

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Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter

Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter are the founding resident DJs of Nowadays as well as long running parties Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday. Started in 2009 in DIY spaces and back yards, Justin and Eamon founded Nowadays in 2015 and brought the parties there.

In addition to DJing, throwing parties and running Nowadays, Eamon and Justin run a label called Mister Saturday Night Records and produce a series called Planetarium, where people bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags, lie in silence and listen deeply to music.

You can find out about gigs Justin is playing here, and music he’s released here. Eamon’s gigs are here, and his music is here.

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Honcho is a DJ and curation trio made up of Aaron Clark, Clark Price, and d’Adhemar. A pillar of the new American wave of queer underground house and techno, Honcho is a resident party at the infamous Hot Mass club in Pittsburgh, a loud, sleazy after-hours built inside of a gay sauna where anything goes until 7am.

Musically, their sound is wide-ranging Midwest American, seamlessly whipping between dub, house, techno, and electro.

In recent years, Honcho has become known for their annual Honcho Campout festival – a tight knit queer blitz of the Pennsylvania forest that has become a pinnacle event of queer underground USA.

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livwutang sits within a modern continuum of DJs whose sound can’t be contained to one particular style or genre – she instead delivers a distinctly eclectic array of exuberant kinetics, introspective strength, & chaotic dexterity to any dancefloor she’s a part of.

Beginning her DJing journey amidst the liberated frequencies of pirate radio & the psychedelic embrace of DIY rave in Seattle, her expressive practice has only continued to evolve & connect her inner world to those around her.

Underpinned by elegant buoyancy & an unrestrained sense of manifestation, her mixing accesses a constantly shifting point of serenity – subtly creating full fledged sensory experiences, always attuned to immersive narrative building & delivered with a keen sense of danceability, confidence, & poise.

It’s within this spellbinding maelstrom that she brings a unique & adventurous flare to DJing, constantly reinventing her present surroundings to create innovative glances into the past & future.

While her style is grounded within the unifying spatial awareness of dub and the joys of dance music’s renegade sound, lifelong influences from her musical upbringing are channeled into her enthralling musical vision – an enchanting sonic palette deftly maneuvering between the jubilant rhythms of Central & Western Africa, the innovative momentum of Black American music, & an expansive love of timeless vocal flourishes and earworm melodies from the last 60 years of popular music.

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Native to New York, musclecars is a DJ / Producer duo consisting of Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield. As musicians, they equally share an admiration for the art form. Their desire to blend genres and express their appreciation for music is focused around their community- the end goal is to bring people together. This mission has led them to play some of the biggest clubs in the world, from their residency at Nowadays in New York, to bookings at Panorama Bar in Berlin. They’ve been recognized in publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Mixmag, Vinyl Factory, and most recently their ‘Breaking Through’ feature on Resident Advisor. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes and multiple outstanding releases, they’re constantly turning heads in underground circles.

In 2018 they launched ‘Coloring Lessons’, a party that was aimed to add value to their city’s nightlife culture. While the party and sound is not genre specific, it is heavily focused around house, disco, jazz, and soul, embracing the musical elements of their black and brown ancestors. The monthly party’s intention is to bring New York City’s dance music scene back to what it was during the golden era of NY nightlife, pulling on a lineage of inspirational spaces, such as The Paradise Garage, The Loft, Body and Soul, and 718 Sessions, to name a few. They aim to spread the music and sensibilities that have been influential to them, and share it with a younger generation of their peers.

In 2020 the pair launched the label Coloring Lessons Records. The label, like the party, is intended on building up artists from their city and beyond, with the sound indicative of the Coloring Lessons ethos- which is sharing music created by their peers and inspired by their ancestors of color, and teaching younger generations about the roots of this music.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is Daniel Fisher, the Queens-based New Jersey-born producer, DJ, and head of the Allergy Season label. Fisher is known for a constantly shifting and abstracted take on club music, from bongo-infused techno to breakbeat science.

In one short decade, Fisher has gained a cult following for his dynamic DJ sets and playful productions. From humble beginnings in New York City dive bars, Fisher carved a path through the Brooklyn warehouse scene before moving to Berlin in 2013 and starting his own label, Allergy Season. In Germany, Fisher absorbed the sounds of the scene and developed his own, singular interpretation of techno — closer to the jocular energy of the 90s than the heads-down thumpers Berlin is known for. Regular slots at Berghain and Panorama Bar soon followed. Meanwhile Fisher kept a presence on the New York scene with Allergy Season parties at venues like Bossa Nova Civic Club, and a residency at the infamous Club Shade as Fatherhood (his duo with fellow NYC DJ, Michael Magnan). In 2018, after settling back in New York he began his his residency at Nowadays, the club run by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter of Mister Saturday Night, where he plays genre-spanning sets of up to 9 hours.

Since his first 12″ on the now-defunct Hippos in Tanks, Fisher has put out over 20 releases on nearly as many labels. Though stylistically diverse, his tracks are bound by both a sense of humor and their dancefloor readiness. Major projects include: “It Takes A Village: The Sounds Of Physical Therapy” a 2xLP compilation released on Allergy Season featuring 11 original productions by Fisher under 9 of different aliases, ranging from jungle to hip hop to house; “Dead Rock” a critically acclaimed album of tender ambient and electronica under his Car Culture alias; and “Tears on My Garage” a recent EP of hook-laden, emotional interpretations of UK club music.

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SHYBOI is a Jamaican born, New York based multidisciplinary artist. SHYBOI is the moniker she uses to cause sonic disruption. As a creative positioned between Caribbean and American culture, she uses sound to interrogate ideas of identity, notions of power, perceived histories and the entanglements that happens within these topics. She is also member of the queer artist collective #KUNQ whose ethos is centered around the production of multidimensional work through sound, visual and performance art while expanding the discourse surrounding the subcultures and genres that have become diluted or obscured in the name of hybridity. SHYBOI has three Boiler Room sets under her ever widening belt as well as two performances at MoMA PS1 and a sold out show at the Guggenheim. Recent sounds have been featured in Fact Mag, Thump, Rinse FM, MixMag, Resident Advisor and the Fader.

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Soul Summit