Indoors at Nowadays is open for food and drinks Thursday through Sunday. FAQs and a reservation form are down below.

If you’d like to get tickets for any of our parties or other programming, ticket links are found in each event’s listing on this page.

Information about renting Nowadays for private events and special get-togethers is here. If you’re interested in renting our space, drop us a line at cyn.s1524666785yadaw1524666785on@ol1524666785leh1524666785.

How does it all work?

Reservations are for tables. Each table can seat eight people, but even if you’re a group larger than eight (or a smaller group), you can reserve a single table if that’s all you want. To reserve a table, we require a $150 bar guarantee with a $75 deposit in advance. (The deposit is refundable if you cancel 24 hrs in advance or if we close because of bad weather.)  Your $75 deposit goes towards a bar tab for your reservation. The remainder will be charged at the end of the night if you haven’t reached the bar guarantee of $150.

Is food included?

Food isn’t included in the reservation. You can order food a la carte from the the kitchen, or, if you’re reserving five or more tables, we offer food packages. Just drop us a line in your reservation form below if you’re interested.

Can I book out the entire space?

Yes. Learn more about private event rentals here ,  and drop us a line with details about what you’d like to do.

When can I reserve?

You can reserve a table before 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and before 4pm on Sunday.

Is gratuity added to my reservation?

We add 20% gratuity for reservations of five or more tables. Otherwise, gratuity is up to you.

Can I bring my own music?

We pride ourselves on the musical experience at Nowadays, so we don’t allow folks to bring in outside music.

Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Indoors at Nowadays is a licensed bar, which means, by law, we can’t allow any outside drinks in (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). We also have a kitchen, so we don’t allow outside food except birthday cakes and such. If you are going to bring in a cake, please let us know, though.

Can I bring games?

We have chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, cards (regular and against humanity), Settlers of Catan and a bunch of others. We’ve got you covered.

Do you offer drink specials for large bookings?

We serve drinks at the most reasonable prices we can already, so we don’t offer any further discounts for large reservations.

Can we bring the kids?

Of course! We love kids.

Can we bring our dogs?

Sadly, we can’t allow dogs indoors, but we’ll open up the back yard again before you know it!

Okay, great. I want to book.

If all of the above sounds okay to you, please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours to confirm.

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