Nowadays is located at 56-06 Cooper Avenue, near Wyckoff Avenue and our hours are as follows:

Wednesday: 5pm – midnight
Thursday: 5pm – midnight (indoors open 10pm for our party and runs until 4am)
Friday: 5pm – 3am (indoors open 10pm for our party and runs until 6am)
Saturday: 2pm – 4am (indoors open 10pm for our party and runs through until 3pm on Sunday)
Sunday: 3pm – 10pm for Mister Sunday

Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday & Friday 5pm – 1am
Saturday 2pm – 1am (BBQ from 2pm – 6pm)
Sunday 8am – 10pm

good to know

Nowadays hosts parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 10pm and all day on Sunday. Covers vary but tend to be in the $25 range. You can find specific pricing, rsvp and buy tickets for all our events here.

We know that many people in our community are having a hard time making ends meet right now, so if the cover is a barrier for you, drop us a line at a few days before you’d like to join us. You deserve a chance to gather and dance, regardless of where you’re at financially.


The wheelchair entrance to our indoor space is in the driveway, which is the access point most commonly used to enter Nowadays. During parties the driveway gate is locked, so please ask staff at the street entrance for assistance with entry.

All of our bathrooms are gender-neutral. There is one accessible stall indoors. Just ask any Nowadays staff member for the key, and they can show you the way. During parties, seating is available both on and off the dance floor. While we don’t have a dedicated quiet space indoors during parties, the booths next to coat check are a little quieter, and the deck and back yard a little quieter than that. Most nighttime parties include the use of strobe lights and water based haze.

The ground in our back yard is rough dirt with some gravel, and the dance floor, which is in use on Sundays between mid-May and late October for Mister Sunday, is made of a soft playground material (it’s also a little uneven). There is one accessible bathroom outdoors, and places to eat are available at picnic tables and on benches.

Food is available until 11pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends, with snacks served around 7am on Sunday during our Nonstop parties. Both the indoor and outdoor bars have non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Water and earplugs are always free.

contact us

If you are interested in doing a private event at Nowadays, email For all other questions, please email