It’s the last month of summer and we are drinking it in. (It tastes a lot like a spicy margarita.)

We’ve got excellent selectors out back every Friday and Saturday evening, barbecue fare and a ping pong tourney every Saturday and dancing under the open sky on Sundays. We’ve also got two special Mister Sundays happening this month: an indoor after party with Duane Harriott and Son of Sound on September 2nd, and a guest appearance from Detroit native Mike Servito on September 9th. Oh, and good food, tasty drinks and plenty of space indoors and out to enjoy them both, each and every day of the week.

Fall is fast approaching, which means it’s time for our annual nod to Oktoberfest, Nowafest. From September 21st up through October 6th we’ll serve sausages from The Meat Hook and special beers from Threes Brewing, as well as some staple German brews, for the purists. On September 21st we’ll start the festivities with an all-you-can-eat sausage dinner, with some extra-hard-to-find drafts supplied by Threes.

Our free Thursday night parties continue this month with a globe-trotting mix of deep selections from Mickey Perez, Tom Noble and Lloydski; an excursion into leftfield house, techno and beyond with Mike Bloom, Milo McBride and Bergsonist; another expertly guided trip into the stratosphere with Douglas Sherman and his Adventures in Flight crew; and a tour of deep, soulful dance grooves with Cedar Sound Workshop and Kalim Shabazz.

As for the weekends, this month’s got one of the best programs of Friday and Saturday dances that has happened here since we opened (if we do say so ourselves). All-night sets coming from Galcher Lustwerk, Ge-ology and Octo Octa; an extended set of trippy techno from Dr. Rubenstein with Halal & Relaxer playing live in the midst (De School booker Luc Mast and Nowadays co-founder Justin Carter will set the vibe out back for that night as well); Bearcat and Precolumbian’s Seltzer soiree returning to the ’days; Or:la teaming up with Lex Rodriguez for a night of joyful, jacking tunes; Anthony Naples holding it down alongside Buttechno; Nowadays regulars Working Women sharing the decks with London’s Debonair; and, to cap it all off, JT Almon and Michael Magnan returning for another edition of Fruits and Vegetables, this time with techno powerhouse Jasmine Infiniti in tow.

If you’re looking for some earlier-in-the-evening entertainment, HIP Lit is hitting the indoors on September 12th to host an official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event featuring readings from some truly amazing writers, followed by a deep listening session themed around the readings of the night.

We’re also doing another listening session with composer Whitney George, who’ll lead us through Radiohead’s 1997 masterpiece, OK Computer, and we’ll present our first-ever comedy night at the ’days, hosted by Karmenife X and Zilla Vodnas.

So, yeah. It’s a lot of stuff. But we love it all! And we’re pretty sure you will, too. Looking forward to seeing you out here soon.

Sep 01 – Nina BC
Sep 07 – Justin Carter and Luc Mast
Sep 08 – Lauren Flax
Sep 14 – Mike Guimond
Sep 15 – Disco-bobulated and Tony Troffa
Sep 21 – Bacho Mangual
Sep 22 – Timo Lee
Sep 28 – Josh Dunn
Sep 29 – Amourette


Sep 01 – Galcher Lustwerk All Night
Sep 07 – Halal & Relaxer Live with Dr. Rubinstein, Justin Carter and Luc Mast
Sep 08 – Lex Rodriguez and Or:la
Sep 14 – Ge-ology All Night
Sep 15 – Seltzer: Bearcat and Precolumbian
Sep 21 – Octo Octa All Night
Sep 22 – Anthony Naples and Buttechno
Sep 28 – Working Women and Debonair
Sep 29 – Fruits and Vegetables: Michael Magnan, JT Almon and Jasmine Infiniti

Sep 02 – Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin
Sep 09 – Eamon Harkin and Mike Servito
Sep 16 – Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin
Sep 23 – Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter
Sep 30 – Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin

Sep 06 – Mickey Perez, Lloydski and Tom Noble
Sep 13 – Mike Bloom, Milo McBride and Bergsonist
Sep 20 – Adventures in Flight with Douglas Sherman
Sep 27 – Kalim Shabazz and Cedar Sound Workshop

Sep 02 – Mister Sunday Labor Day Weekend After Party with Son of Sound and Duane Harriott
Sep 03 – Labor Day BBQ
Sep 12 – HIP Lit: Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event
Sep 18 – A Night of Comedy Presented by Karmenife X and Zilla Vodnas
Sep 21 – Nowafest Opening Night
Sep 21 – Oct 06 – Nowafest
Sep 25 – Think Olio: Deep Listening of Radiohead’s OK Computer


Labor Day
It’s a long weekend and we’re not letting it go to waste. On September 2nd, after the last song gets played at Mister Sunday, we’re throwing an after party indoors with two of our favorite NYC DJs, Son of Sound and Duane Harriott. The next day we’re opening up at noon for a free BBQ out back. We’ll be open ’til midnight, so drop in anytime and celebrate Labor Day with us. We’ll be putting in work on a plate of ribs.

HIP Lit returns September 12th for another literary reading with noteworthy debut authors and other celebrated wordsmiths. Books will be available for purchase from WORD Brooklyn, and after the readings the HIP Lit folks will kick on the hi-fi for a deep listening session. Heads up, this one is indoors and it’s an official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event, so show up early to get a good seat (and grab a beer before it starts).

Nowadays is our NYC-bred take on Oktoberfest. From September 21st through October 6th, we’ve got special beers from Threes Brewing and other local breweries at the bar (plus German staples for the traditionalists) and sausages from The Meat Hook at the food truck. We’re kicking it all off with a special opening-night, all-you-can-eat dinner on September 21st. For $25 you can try all of the sausages we’ll serve throughout our fest, and we’ll have some extra-hard-to-get brews from Threes on hand to help you wash ’em down. We’ll also have our NYC hero, Bacho Mangual, soundtracking the evening. Bacho’s been playing records in New York for something like fifty years. It’s always a treat to hear him, but with a full belly and a few beers, it’ll be sublime.

Comedy Night
Karmenife X and Zilla Vodnas host our first-ever comedy night here at the ’days. Karmenife X is an artist, writer, stand-up comedian and professional dominatrix who works to create safe spaces for sex workers and survivors of sexual violence. Zilla Vodnas is a Bushwick native who’s performed at the Harlem Comedy Festival, Atlanta’s Live Comedy Mixtape and Boston’s 2018 Women in Comedy Festival. They’re inviting some of their favorite comics down to our living room–like indoor space on September 18th for an intimate evening of comedy.

Think Olio – Deep Listening Session: Radiohead’s OK Computer
Composer and conductor Whitney George joins us again for another in-depth listening session. On September 25th, she’ll dig into Radiohead’s third album, OK Computer, which, interestingly, was heartily influenced by the album she explored with us last month: Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew. Come settle in between the stacks and follow her expert guidance — or just get lost in music. Either way it’s going to be an incredible experience.