Nowadays is hiring.


Below you’ll find some opportunities opening up in our community. We hope to combine some of these responsibilities to create multiple roles –full-time, part-time and hourly. Applications are open to all people, but we strongly encourage LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, people with different abilities, women, femmes, and non-binary people to apply.


If you’re interested, please send an email to Please tell us about yourself, let us know the responsibilities that interest you and whether you’re hoping for full-time or part-time work. (If you’re flexible, let us know that, too.) We look forward to hearing from you.

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DJ BOOKING Work within a team to program DJs and live dance music performers for Nowadays’ parties. This position will have ultimate responsibility for Friday night’s programming, which is rooted in house music (though not exclusive of other genres). The person who takes on this responsibility would ideally have at least three years’ experience producing and booking parties.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Manage the Nowadays social media channels and develop the Nowadays voice on social media to be engaging, informative about our programming and helpful to the community.

FLOOR MANAGEMENT FOR NIGHTTIME EVENTS Manage the floor during parties, prioritizing the safety and comfort of everyone present. This will involve managing all workers (safer space monitors, bartenders and barbacks, security, door workers), interfacing with community members, and ensuring the vibe stays good. The person who takes on this responsibility would ideally have at least three years’ experience in event production, bar operations and management, and, most importantly, be an empathetic person who enjoys the bustle and doesn’t mind being up late.

CUSTOMER CORRESPONDENCE Likely a supplement to another responsibility, this involves daily fielding email inquiries from the community, as well as fulfilling Patreon membership rewards.

SPECIAL EVENTS BOOKING AND MANAGEMENT Field private event and space rental requests, engaging with potential clients from inquiry through event day. The person who takes on this responsibility should have at least two years’ experience and have a good understanding of private events pricing and space rental pricing. It’s fine and can even be beneficial for someone to represent Nowadays while they’re representing another space.


SAFER SPACE MONITORS Safer space monitors are the front line in ensuring that Nowadays can feel as welcoming and safe as possible for all community members. They maintain our safer space policy by being an accessible presence for community members on the dance floor, at the door and in the rest of the space. A person who takes on this responsibility should be empathetic and able to interact kindly but firmly with people in violation of these rules. Training in harm reduction and first aid is a plus.


BAR STAFF Barbacks and bartenders are the face of Nowadays. They serve customers with kindness and empathy. The bar can be fast-paced, and at least a year’s experience in high-volume bars and restaurants is ideal.