livwutang sits within a modern continuum of DJs whose sound can’t be contained to one particular style or genre – she instead delivers a distinctly eclectic array of exuberant kinetics, introspective strength, & chaotic dexterity to any dancefloor she’s a part of. Beginning her DJing journey amidst the liberated frequencies of pirate radio & the psychedelic embrace of DIY rave in Seattle, her expressive practice has only continued to evolve & connect her inner world to those around her.

Underpinned by elegant buoyancy & an unrestrained sense of manifestation, her mixing accesses a constantly shifting point of serenity – subtly creating full fledged sensory experiences, always attuned to immersive narrative building & delivered with a keen sense of danceability, confidence, & poise. It’s within this spellbinding maelstrom that she brings a unique & adventurous flare to DJing, constantly reinventing her present surroundings to create innovative glances into the past & future.

While her style is grounded within the unifying spatial awareness of dub and the joys of dance music’s renegade sound, lifelong influences from her musical upbringing are channeled into her enthralling musical vision – an enchanting sonic palette deftly maneuvering between the jubilant rhythms of Central & Western Africa, the innovative momentum of Black American music, & an expansive love of timeless vocal flourishes and earworm melodies from the last 60 years of popular music.

Mixes | Live at Sustain-Release & Dekmantel


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Nonstop: Honey Bun, Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter, Ben UFO, DJ Voices, Carlos Souffront, livwutang, Chris Cruse