The Nowadays Patreon and the Nowadays Membership Card were established to further foster the community that has built up around our space since we started in 2015 and to make it easier for those who care most about what we do to access and enjoy it.


What is the intention behind the Nowadays membership card?

The intention behind the card is to further foster the community that has been built up around Nowadays since we started throwing parties here in 2016 and to make it easier for those who care most about our space to access and enjoy it.


How do I get a membership card?

In order to get a Nowadays card you need to do two things – 1) sign up to the Nowadays Patreon at whatever level you’d like (it starts at $5/month), 2) come to one of our monthly membership parties to meet with our staff, agree to follow our safer space policies and have your card produced. You can sign up to Patreon through this link. It takes about two minutes to join.


What are the benefits of having a Nowadays card?

Having a card and an active Patreon membership means you get guaranteed entry to every party that happens at Nowadays, the ability to bypass the line and the speech, get discounts at the bar and complimentary coat check in addition to other benefits currently available through Patreon.


Can I still use my card if my Patreon membership isn’t active?



What does guaranteed entry mean? Is it free?

Guaranteed entry means that even if the party is sold out, you’ll always be able to show up and buy a ticket for you and one guest at the door. It does not mean that you get in for free. However, if you have a card AND are signed up to Patreon at the $100 per month level, then you get free, guaranteed entry for you and one guest.

Is it ok for my guest to come in during a party at a different time to me?

No. You’re guest needs to be with you when you’re entering in order for them to use your guest spot. If they aren’t arriving at the same time as you, you’ll need to exit the space to meet them and walk in with them.


What are the differences between the levels on the Nowadays Patreon?

Please see our Patreon page for a breakdown of which benefits apply to each level.


I’m already a Patreon member. What’s the difference between being a Patreon member and having a membership card?

As a Patreon member you’re entitled to all of the benefits that are listed for the level that you have subscribed at. Getting a card is an additional step that gives you the benefits listed above.


So I can be a current Patreon member but not a membership cardholder?



I just joined Patreon but I haven’t been to a membership card party yet. Can I get cardholder benefits?
No. You need to actually have a physical card in order to get the cardholder benefits. 


Can my guest show up before I do and use my guest spot?

No. You must arrive with your guest for them to be able to use your guest spot. This is for verification purposes and helps our staff make sure the membership isn’t being misused.


How do I use my card for guaranteed access? Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

Just show up at Nowadays with your card and check in with our staff at the front door. You don’t need to buy a ticket in advance but you’re welcome to do that if it’s more convenient for you to pay in advance. If you’d like to pay at the door, your space is still guaranteed and you can use cash or card.


If I want to reserve a ticket in advance, how do I do that? 

As part of our Patreon program, a ticket link is always sent out by email when we announce our DJ line ups for the month. For Patreon members signed up at the $20 level per month or higher, discounting will be applied to your advance ticket purchase in line with the level you’ve subscribed at. So, if you’ve signed up for $20 per month, your link will allow you to buy a ticket at a 20% discount, $50 tier gets a 50% discount, and $100 tier gets a 100% discount. The same discounting rules also apply to tickets purchased in person at the door.


How does billing work for Patreon subscriptions?

You’ll be billed when you first sign up, and then charged again on the same date each month for as long as the subscription is active. For example, if you sign up on April 15th at the $5 level, you’ll be charged $5 for the month of April and then again on May 15th, June 15th, etc. So signing up at the beginning of the month is the most cost effective.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time through Patreon. If you cancel in the middle of the month, the monthly fee will not be refunded. You lose your Patreon benefits the day that you cancel and if you’ve been issued a membership card it will no longer be active. Therefore, it is recommended to cancel at the end of the month to make full use of your monthly payment.


Can my membership be revoked?

Yes. If you or your guest do not abide by our safer space policies, your membership will be revoked and will not be reissued.


How do I use the free coat check? 

Cardholders need to show their membership card to get complimentary coat check. Your guest must be with you in order for them to also get complimentary coat check. 


How does my Patreon membership support Nowadays?

Income that Nowadays generates through Patreon goes toward covering the extensive day to day operating costs that are required in order to keep Nowadays open in addition to funding enhancements and upgrades to the space and programming.


I have another question.

Please email us at with any other questions related to our Patreon membership or membership card systems.