Presented by the team behind The Izakaya, Diner takes inspiration from Japan’s family friendly restaurants, aka famiresu, which are known for their broad menus.


Monday – Tuesday | closed
Wednesday – Thursday | 5pm – 11pm
Friday* | 5pm – 1am
Saturday* | noon – 1am
Sunday* | noon – 10pm

Happy hour goes from 5pm to 8pm Wednesday through Friday. 2-for-1 on select beers.

*There is a cover charge to enter Nowadays on Fridays and Saturdays after 10pm, and Sundays from 3pm to 9pm.





edamame hummus with chips | $9 (v) (gf)
edamame paste, miso, tahini served with tortilla chips.

japanese style fish and chips | $10
pablo breaded fried cod fish served with special hokkaido style sauce with fries.

shishito peppers | $8 (v) (gf)
salted and fried.

french fries with aonori seaweed powder | $6
 (v) (gf)

hijiki salad | $11
hijiki, carrot, beans, edamame, red onion, miso.



hokkaido style jingisukan marinated lamb burger | $12
grilled, marinated, thinly sliced lamb, onions and carrots.

lotus root burger | $10 (v)
panko breaded lotus root, lettuce, tomato, homemade spicy miso sauce and vegetarian mayo.

add fries to any burger $4



hokkaido style jingisukan marinated lamb don | $15
grilled, marinated, thinly sliced lamb with onions and rice.

vege taco rice | $15
rice, red lentils, carrot, celery, onion, tomato, garlic, miso.



black garlic syoyu chicken ramen* | $15
ramen noodle, chicken charsiu, nori, scallion, garlic.

spicy syoyu chicken ramen* | $15
ramen noodle, chicken charsiu, nori, scallion, garlic, spicy oil.

sake clams vongole ramen spaghetti* | $20
clams, red pepper, garlic, butter, shiso.

mentai cream ramen spaghetti* | $18
spicy cod caviar, milk, garlic, butter, shiso, parmigiano.

ramen salad* | $15
ramen noodle, spinach, tomato, sesame, bonito flake.

add ajitama egg to any noodle $3

– – –

*ramen noodle by keizo shimamoto



vegan maple gelato | $6
banana, sesame.

mix miso nuts | $6