Virtual Friday: Marcellus Pittman


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The Detroit don is here to bless the airwaves from 8-12am.


Welcome to Virtually Nowadays. Even though our doors are closed for the foreseeable future, we want to stay connected with our community and give Nowadays a chance of surviving through these unprecedented times.

Virtually Nowadays is a nightly live stream from Nowadays that’ll run between 8pm and midnight. We’ll feature DJ sets, gear tutorials and/or discussions on topics relevant to our world (or a combination of all three). They’ll be broadcast live and direct at

All live streams will be free and openly accessible to the public. To access the archive of these streams (and to help give us a chance to remain open through this uncertain time) please subscribe to our Patreon:

Additionally, we’ll be running a Venmo fund throughout our closure to support our staff. Drop a few bucks their way at


Virtual Monday: Ciel, Ana Lola Roman, and Maria Chavez

8PM – 9PM: Toronto-based Discwoman affiliate Ciel walks us through the basics of Rekordbox organization.

Ciel is one of many artists whose income has been severely impacted by the virus. If you’d like to donate to her directly, her paypal is:

9PM – 11PM: Ana Lola Roman is a Brooklyn dj and producer who plays as Skulptor and founder of FOKUS, a local collective that releases music and curates events. Tonight she’ll be taking us through the basics of Ableton 101.

11:PM – 12AM: Maria Chavez is an improviser, curator and sound artist from Lima, Peru. We’re thrilled to have an hour mix from this special DJ to round out our streaming this Monday night.