Bystander Intervention Training

It’s 3am. You take a break from the dance floor and see something weird going down between two people near the bar. One of them looks like they might be feeling cornered. Should you step in? If so, how? Tonight, our friends at OutSmart lead a training on bystander intervention, conflict de-escalation, and other skills to help us look out for each other in the club (and the rest of the world, too).

Vinyl vs. Mp3 vs. AIFF: Sound Test

Mp3, AIFF, WAV, Vinyl? Does it really matter? On February 13th, Jen Kraus, one of our lead sound technicians, joins forces with resident sound obsessed DJ, Justin Carter, to test the difference between each format. They’ll pick ten songs, and listen to each one in three different formats: mp3, WAV or AIFF, and vinyl. At the end of the showdown, they’ll speak to Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu, the designer of our sound system, to talk about some of the components we use to make things sound better – no matter what the format.

Safer Spaces Panel

No space can be truly safe, but every space can be safer. Come down for a conversation about the possibilities and challenges of creating and implementing safer spaces practices in nightlife and beyond.

We’ll start off with a screening of filmmaker Danny Roche’s work in progress, “Safer Space,” then hear from safer spaces organizers Pauli Cakes (DisCakes), Jasmine Infiniti (New World Dysorder) and Moses Daniel (Nowadays) about their approaches to their work.

Techno Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

Coverage of electronic music on Wikipedia, the world’s most popular information source, is way behind. We know our community has knowledge to share, so we’re hosting an edit-a-thon to help get the site up to speed. Folks from the Wikimedia Foundation will be on hand to guide and support throughout the night. No experience needed! Bring a laptop if you can.

CDJ Workshop: Apocalipsis U

Kicking off our Thursday programming is the first in a series of music skillshares hosted by Brooklyn label APOCALIPSIS. For this edition, APOCALIPSIS head Riobamba guides us through CDJ essentials, ending with a listening session to give everyone a chance to hear music on the sound system: bring a favorite track or a production of your own to hear on the Nowadays system. Vinyl, USB, SD card and CD are all formats that work!

Nowadays Nonstop: New Years

It doesn’t feel like anything close to twelve months since we rang in last New Years, but time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve had a mountain of it in 2019. To celebrate all that’s been and all that’s still to come, we’re doing it Nonstop-style, starting 2020 with a proper bang.

Our resident DJs will be joined by a whole host of extra dope DJs starting on New Year’s Eve, running all the way into New Year’s Day and beyond with no stopping at the bar, no stopping in the booth and no stopping on the dance floor.

We’ll start things off with a special edition of Planetarium, musically programmed by the wonderful Weird Science crew, aka Amourette, Maroje T and mscln. From 6pm to 7:30pm, Diner by the Izakaya will serve up dinner (the meal is included in the price of all Planetarium tickets), and we’ll keep it social and bubbly. Then at 7:30pm, we’ll clear away the tables and go deep. Bring pillows, blankets and anything else you need to get lost in music for a couple hours. (You can check whatever you bring in coat check later.)

Nowadays residents Analog Soul will take over at 11pm, bringing the vibe from horizontal to vertical, and from there it’s off to the races. Rising star Club Fitness will jump in to keep it popping through peak-time; followed by Nowadays resident and musical polymath Justin Carter, who’ll bring the sublime as the sun comes up.

One of the most gifted in the game, Avalon Emerson, will take over at 8am for a six hour special, before the always amazing Shaun J. Wright continues the celebrations and scintillations into the late afternoon.

With darkness descending again we’re leaving the hi-fi in the hands of a living legend — it’s the one and only Tony Humphries from 5pm until it’s done.

Diner by the Izakaya will be dishing out tasty snacks from the kitchen to keep you nourished throughout, and there’ll be a cozy scene out in the back yard, with plenty of pits for warming and the heated yurt for chatting and chilling.

Massive shout out to everyone who danced with us in 2019. Here’s to even more in 2020.