Virtual Monday: Sway Trip Spin – a Collection of Dance Films From Around the World

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From Here To There co-Director, Janique Robillard, takes us on a journey around the world through dance. Here she presents six short films from various corners of the globe that place movement at the forefront.

There are more details below and check the links beside each film to send support directly or to a cause chosen by each filmmaker.

☻ Mass / 10.00 MIN >

☻ Am I A Man / 6.10 MIN >

☻ Monk / 17.73 MIN >

☻ Go / 1.00 MIN >

☻ From Here To There / 17.99 MIN >

☻ Eckman’s Concise Guide to Natural Movement / 8.80 MIN >


MASS (10:00) | co-directed by Fu LE & Adrien Gontier | From Paris, France

MASS is a 10-minute single-take video-dance shot in Paris. The project was framed within the Danse en Seine’s choreographic workshops, including 40 amateur dancers. Images of the crowd appear more and more often and symbolize the current upheavals all over the world, evoking alternately parties, migrations, demonstrations, gatherings, or just the daily life of big cities. We thus work on the mass, with all the intoxication it can inspire. We confront the individual with crowd movements, in order to observe how he resists or lets himself become immersed.

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AM i A MAN (6:06) | directed by Jon Boogz and Sol Guy

Direct Support: Equal Justice Initiative

In the past 40 years, the prison population in the US has quintupled. Despite accounting for 37% of the American population, Blacks and Hispanics account for 64% of the prison population, and 75% of all inmates in Federal penitentiaries. With more prisons than schools in the US, urgent questions arise: are these facilities really giving prisoners a chance to rehabilitate themselves? Are their living conditions humane? How does our society advance toward attaining equity?

Featuring insights from social justice activist and attorney Bryan Stevenson, visual art by Hank Willis Thomas, and movement art by Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, the short film AM i A MAN takes its audience on a gripping, heartbreaking, and critically important journey through the harsh realities of a broken justice system.


MONK (17:44) | directed by Aly Rose | from Shanghai, China

A son is brought to a monastery by his parents and left there. He struggles to become a monk and on his journey inward finds protection and solace in three female immortals. This dance for camera is depicted through five sections: root, heart, will, mind and body.

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GO! | directed by Katariina Raty & Mia Jaatinen

GO! is a race against time and each other for an unknown goal. A competition for who gets to be the first to win nothing. An advertisement-like illusion to make you think that by barging and rushing you will get the sense of fame, recognition or some other meaningless super word to fulfill yourself. It is a game that starts over and over again.

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FROM THERE TO HERE (17:57) | co-directed by Sydney Skov & Janique L Robillard | from Kolkata, India

Blending dance and documentary, From There To Here showcases a courageous group of women moving against gender inequalities in Kolkata, India using dance movement therapy to empower themselves and survivors of sex trafficking and violence.

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EKMAN’S CONCISE GUIDE TO NATURAL MOVEMENT | directed by T.M. Rives / choreographed by Alexander Ekman

SFDFF commissioned the renowned choreographer Alexander Ekman (A Swan Lake with the Norwegian National Ballet, Midsummer Nights Dream with the Royal Swedish Ballet and Play with the Paris Opera Ballet) to collaborate with his favorite filmmaker T.M. Rives and create a short dance film for SFDFF’s 9th annual festival. This film was created as part of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival’s Co-Laboratory, an experimental dance film laboratory.

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