Wednesday Films: Dead Man

Each Wednesday night we screen a music film, playing the audio through our very nice sound system. Diner by the Izakaya serves up hot ramen, and we’ve got high quality beers from the likes of Hudson Valley Brewing and Evil Twin at the bar. A little about the week’s film:

Jim Jarmusch is one of America’s leading independent filmmakers, and his movies are often distinguished by their sharp contemporary scores. In this revisionist existential Western, he uses the plangent sounds of Neil Young’s solo electric and acoustic guitars to sublime effect. Young’s expressive music accompanies a wounded William Blake (Johnny Depp) as he is guided further into a wet and forested wilderness by a mysterious Indigenous man, Nobody (Garry Farmer). Unusual, haunting and mesmerizing, “Dead Man” is a both a film and sound piece about transcendence.

doors at 5pm / film at 8pm / free