Wednesday Films – Ornette: Made in America

Each Wednesday night we screen a music film, playing the audio through our very nice sound system. Diner by the Izakaya serves up hot ramen, and we’ve got high quality beers from the likes of Hudson Valley Brewing and Evil Twin at the bar. A little about the week’s film:

In 1968, Shirley Clarke shot footage of freestyle jazz great Ornette Coleman playing in concert, at home with his son Denardo and with quartet member Charlie Haden. The documentary was not completed until 1983, when Ornette was invited back to his hometown of Fort Worth, where a new arts center, Caravan of Dreams, was to open. Coleman wrote his symphonic masterwork “Skies of America” for the occasion. Its performance by the Fort Worth Orchestra is captured here. “Ornette: Made in America” is a film like no other, a multi-decade musical and biographical portrait of an artist expanding the vernacular and vocabulary of jazz.

doors at 5pm / film at 8pm / free