From There to Here: Screening and Cassette Release

Join the filmmakers and composers for a very special event announcing the release of the soundtrack to the short documentary “From There to Here,” which recently premiered at Lincoln Center for the Dance on Camera Film Festival. The cassette comes with printed stills from the film and is packaged in a handmade box set.

Blending interviews, improvisation and choreography, this documentary depicts a courageous group of women in Kolkata, India, survivors of sexual violence and marginalization, fighting gender inequality while using dance movement therapy to empower themselves and reclaim their once fractured lives.

The evening will begin with an 8pm screening of the film, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Janique L Robillard and Paulius Kontijevas as well as composers Maxime Robillard and Milo McBride. Afterward, the soundtrack, along with other music recorded in the process of the work and inspired by the film, will be played in its entirety.

Cassettes will be available for purchase.

8pm / free