Self-Care Sunday

Hotbox Mobile Sauna is bringing their monthly Self-Care Sunday gathering to our back yard for 90 minutes of relaxation, meditation and recuperation. Here’s a little info from the HMS folks:

The session begins with 45 minutes of relaxation in a wood-burning sauna, kept at toasty 180 degrees. Outside the sauna in the private backyard, there’s an shower for cooling off and a fire pit to keep warm in between rounds. We’ll then transition into a 30 minute guided mindfulness meditation in a spacious heated yurt, bedecked with pillows and blankets. The guided meditation will include easy seated stretches and breath focused movement.

The last 15 minutes will be time for you to rest and hydrate as you gradually end your session.

What’s included: Bench towels, water, changing area, outdoor shower, heated yurt, and a fire pit to keep warm in between sauna rounds. Visitors will also have access to the indoors at Nowadays after the session for food and drink.

What to bring: Visitors should bring their own bathing suit and/or robe and sandals. Plush robes available on-site for rental, as well.

first session, 12:30pm – 2pm / second session, 1:30pm – 3pm / $45