Think Olio: Immersive Learning – Brian Eno’s Another Green World

Composer and conductor Whitney George commandeers the hi-fi once again for another active listening session. This time she’ll dig into Brian Eno’s arrestingly beautiful third album, Another Green World. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Brian Eno’s album Another Green World remains one of his central masterpieces, despite his ubiquitous presence in the music scene starting in the 1970s. Eno went into the studio to record Another Green World much like a visual artist enamored of the Fluxus movement: this was to be a happening, a recorded happening, and it was to happen without a plan. Eno was an artist who was well aware that the medium of recording was just as much of an instrument as anything making sound in the studio. The central idea was to sell the record as a product of the process, rather than a way of preserving a performance. This very thought was pivotal in shaping the art and music of his collaborators such as David Bowie, The Talking Heads, and Coldplay.

Constraints breed creativity, and Eno came well equipped with materials to think outside of the box and redirect his thinking to completely new territories and sonic landscapes. Join us for an immersive listening session where we’ll talk about the pre-compositional design, form and function, and the process that created the product Another Green World and discuss Brian Eno’s omnipresence in so much of the recorded medium from the 1970s on.

7:30p / $15 / more info and tickets