Backyard Listening with Bruce Tantum

Every Friday and Saturday night, we invite our favorite selectors down to the Nowadays back yard to set the vibe while you play ping pong, have a drink, grab a bite, lie in the grass or all of the above.

If you’ve been in New York a minute, chances are you have Bruce Tantum to thank for many great nights out. For nearly two decades, he edited the Nightlife section of Time Out New York, shepherding the city’s nocturnal dwellers to the best club nights, warehouse parties and basement raves NYC had to offer. He’s also written for basically every other electronic-music magazine and website we can think of (and probably a few we can’t). Far from being just a chronicler of the dance scene, Bruce is a longtime DJ who has serenaded some of the best dance floors both here and abroad. We’re thrilled to have him out back setting the vibe all evening with his favorite tunes.

8p – 2a / free