Caesar Salad $14 (vegetarian)
tomatoes, lettuce, crouton, caesar dressing
add chicken, fried-fish, mushroom $5


Izakaya Salad $14 (vegan/gluten-free)
tomatoes, lettuce, tofu, cucumber, sesame seeds, seaweed, japanese onion dressing
add chicken, fried-fish, tempeh $5


Broccoli Salad $10 (vegan/gluten-free)
lightly baked broccoli with mustard


Edamame Hummus $12 (vegan/gluten-free)
edamame hummus with tortilla chips


Shishito Peppers $10 (vegan/gluten-free)
deep fried peppers with salt and lemon


Addictive Cucumber $9 (vegan/gluten-free)
spicy cold cucumber salad with seaweed


Japanese BBQ beans $9 (vegan)
baked beans with Japanese BBQ



Izakaya Half Pound Burger $18
half pound beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard mayonnaise and japanese homemade bbq sauce
add cheese $2


Fried Chicken Zengi Sandwich, Hokkaido-Style $16
fried chicken, lettuce, pickles, mustard mayonnaise and zengi sauce


Double-D-dog $10
2 japanese grilled sausages in the bun with relish, mustard mayo


Filet O Fish Sandwich $16
fried fish (yellowstripe), lettuce, tomato, pickles, and japanese tartar sauce


Tuna Sandwich $16
tuna, lettuce, tomato, spicy cucumber, and homemade spicy mayo


Mushroom Burger $16 (vegetarian)
jumbo portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, pickles, garlic mayonnaise, and swiss cheese



French Fries $7 (vegan/gluten-free)


Fries with Uni (sea urchin) Sauce $10


Kimchi Fries $15 (vegetarian/gluten-free)
fries, kimchi, spicy mayo, cilantro, sour cream


Fish & Chips $18
fried Aji fish(yellowstripe), french fries, lemon and homemade tartar sauce


Nachos $16 (vegetarian/gluten-free)
grilled onion, shishito paper, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, tortilla chips, sour cream, scallions
add beef, chicken, mushroom $5



Hokkaido Style Milk Ice Cream by Dr. Clark $7




modelo especial 6 | hoegaarden wit 6 | bitburger pilsner 7 | bronx pale ale 7

plus 8 lines of rotating craft selections from our favorite local and national brewers



tecaté 6 | sapporo 7 | rescue club non-alcoholic pilsner 7

bad seed cider 8 | spindrift spiked seltzer 8 | skygazer sour 8

allagash witbier 8 | other half ipa 9 | off color saison 9



manny’s margarita — $13

tequila blanco, lime, white grapefruit


margarita picante — $14

jalapeño-infused tequila blanco, lime, white grapefruit, tajín rim


mezcal paloma — $14

mezcal, red grapefruit, lime, pamplemousse soda


luz’s mojito — $14

white rum, mint, lime, soda


rum party punch — $13

dark rum, pineapple, lime, agnostura, ginger ale


aperol spritz — $13

aperol, prosecco


moscow mule — $13

vodka, lime, ginger beer


st germain spritz — $14

st germain, prosecco


sangria — $12

red wine, brandy, triple sec, orange, lemon


spiked lemonade — $13

homemade lemonade plus your choice of liquor



house vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, mezcal and bourbon 11

titos, tanqueray, espolon, jameson, vida, goslings 13



red 12 | white 12 | rose 12

orange 14 | prosecco 12



topo chico 4 | mexican coca-cola 4

variety cold brew 7 | white label maté 7

 harmless harvest coconut water 7 | gt kombucha 7