Planetarium: Aurora Halal, 51717 and DJ Healthy

Every Thursday evening, we clear the floor between our speakers and invite folks over for a hi-fi listening session. Our resident selectors and special guests play everything from ambient and electronic music to pre-war blues and psychedelic rock, and often live performances are woven throughout.

For this installment, Nowadays Saturday night resident Aurora Halal will tuck away her techno party hat and switch gears from serenading the dance floor to the, uh, floor. She’ll explore the breadth and depth of her music collection alongside 51717 and DJ Healthy.

Lili Schulder, aka 51717, is a New York resident who crafts ominous, breathy ambient works. Check out her debut album, Paranoia Star, released last November on L.I.E.S, for a taste.

DJ Healthy is a Japan-born, Brooklyn-based DJ and curator who works to connect the underground scenes of Japan and NYC. He returned to Tokyo briefly, but he’s back in NYC now and we’re thrilled to have him grace the decks at Planetarium.

Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags — whatever you like to get comfortable. Also, we’ve found the night works best when everyone keeps their voice down, so please remain silent inside the main speaker area. Outside of that space, be sure to speak quietly enough that only the person you’re talking to can hear you.

We look forward to getting lost in music with you.

7pm – midnight / $10 before 8pm with RSVP / $10 and $15 advance tickets