Planetarium: Duane Harriott, Ezra Feinberg and DJ Sanna

Every Thursday evening, we clear the floor between our speakers and invite folks over for a hi-fi listening session. Our resident selectors and special guests play everything from ambient and electronic music to pre-war blues and psychedelic rock, and often live performances are woven throughout.

At this installment, Planetarium resident (and one of our favorite local selectors) Duane Harriott is joined by DJ Sanna and Ezra Feinberg. DJ Sanna is a Baghdad-born selector now based in NYC. Her diverse background has resulted in an eclectic music tastes, which she puts to good use regularly on the Lot Radio. Ezra is a composer, guitarist and founding member of the now defunct San Francisco psych-rock outfit Citay. If his first solo album, a soothing collection of instrumental pieces titled Pentimento and others, is any indication of his musical inclinations, we’re in for an evening of enveloping arrangements and organic, swelling textures. Come get swept away.

Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags — whatever you like to get comfortable. Also, we’ve found the night works best when everyone keeps their voice down, so please remain silent inside the main speaker area. Outside of that space, be sure to speak quietly enough that only the person you’re talking to can hear you.

We look forward to getting lost in music with you.

7pm – midnight / $10 before 8pm with RSVP / $10 and $15 advance tickets