Remedi Food Lunar Dinner Club

Tonight we’re pleased to have a pop-up dinner at our house, hosted by Nowadays family member Mantra Marie. Mantra holds us down behind the bar with an inexhaustible supply of good vibes, but beyond that, she’s the founder of Remedi Food, a dope project set on making healthy, ethically-sourced food accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background. She’s known mostly for her pop-up Sustenance Café, through which she provides remedial rave food to mend the wearied bodies of campers every year at Sustain-Release festival, as well as providing Brooklyn year round with Vibamins, her signature psychoactive brain-bending “virgin” cocktails. When the moon is full, Mantra invites folks to sit down together and enjoy an ecologically-minded meal, a talk on ethical consumption and a guided meditation. The ingredients she’ll use will be sourced from local farms earlier in the day, so we can’t say what she’ll serve, but we can say it’ll be delicious.

8p – midnight / $30.15 / tickets