Mister Sunday Outdoor Season Finale

It’s the end of the outdoor Mister Sunday season.

If you’ve never joined us before, let’s go through a few reasons you’ll love it: excellent music on a proper sound system, a tree-dappled setting with grassy knolls and plenty of places to sit and hang out, killer food, and an all-ages, all-walks-of-life vibe, all day long.

In this edition of the party, we say farewell to what’s been a really special year. The trees in the back yard got full and started to create a canopy; the dance floor popped better than it ever has; and we met a lot of new friends. We’re looking forward to saying goodbye to the season in the same way we said hello to it – with a no nonsense, come-as-you-are party.

Tickets are here, and you can RSVP to get in for $15 before 5pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing you down there. Please shoot us an email at moc.t1521525355hginy1521525355adrut1521525355asret1521525355sim@k1521525355sa1521525355 with any questions you have.

3pm – 9pm (Nowadays stays open until midnight) / all ages / $15 before 5pm with RSVP / $10, $15 and $20 in advance