Backyard Listening with Disco-bobulated (JuSoong C3) and Tony Troffa

Every Friday and Saturday night at Nowadays, we invite our favorite vinyl selectors down to pull out their dream backyard barbecue set to make the vibe right while you have a drink, grab a bite, play ping pong, lie in the grass or all of the above.

Born in the Lower East Side, JuSoong Sun has been active in New York’s underground dance culture for nearly four decades. He was a fixture of lower Manhattan growing up, both as a prolific graffiti artist and a b-boy, before moving into the booth to spin records as Disco-bobulated and C3. He’s got a truly enviable collection of wax and recently co-founded Made in NY Records with Tony Troffa, who will be playing alongside him tonight. Tony has been DJing for over 25 years, always with a focus on giving shine to unknown disco, soul, African and Latin gems. Tonight, the guys celebrate their label’s first 12″ release: a collection of four edits spanning gospel, fusion, Latin and disco. Come raise a glass and discover some new favorites.

8pm – 2am / free / reservations