Mister Sunday with Honey Soundsystem and Justin Carter

It’s Mister Sunday.

If you’ve never joined us before, let’s go through a few reasons you’ll love it: excellent music on a proper sound system, a tree-dappled setting with grassy knolls and plenty of places to sit and hang out, killer food, and an all-ages, all-walks-of-life vibe, all day long.

For this long weekend edition of the Mister, we’ve invited our friends from the west coast, Honey Soundsystem, to play the Mister alongside Justin. Responsible for many years of great parties in San Francisco and across the US, as well as a steady output of amazing music across their four record labels, the HSS guys don’t mess about when it comes to their music and the art of DJing. This one is gonna be good.

Tickets are here, and you can RSVP to get in for $15 before 5pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing you down there. Please shoot us an email at moc.t1521525768hginy1521525768adrut1521525768asret1521525768sim@k1521525768sa1521525768 with any questions you have.

3pm – 9pm (Nowadays stays open until midnight) / all ages / $15 before 5pm with RSVP / $10, $15 and $20 in advance