Backyard Listening with Ron Jean-Gilles, Jared Proudfoot and Jeannie Hopper

Every Friday and Saturday night at Nowadays, we invite our favorite vinyl selectors down to pull out their dream backyard barbecue set to make the vibe right while you have a drink, grab a bite, play ping pong, lie in the grass or all of the above.

Born in Haiti and raised in Elmhurst, Queens, Ron Jean-Gilles brings a lifetime of musical influences to bear as DJ SoulBrother#4. You’ll hear echoes of park jams, basement parties and his parents’ records when he plays beside Jared Proudfoot and Jeannie Hopper tonight. The co-founder of Pique-nique Recordings, Jared is a tireless record collector with globe-trotting musical tastes that span tropical disco, boogie, house and jazz. Jeannie is the creator and host of Liquid Sound Lounge, a radio show airing Saturdays on WBAI 99.5FM that’s been holding down independent dance music producers, DJs and labels for nearly 25 years. Between the three of them, we’re in for quite a night.

8pm – 2am / free / reservations