Every Wednesday at Nowadays, we screen a film in the big back yard in conjunction with Maysles Cinema, the Harlem based film house founded by the late, great Albert Maysles. Tonight we’re very excited to be presenting What Lies Upstream. Here’s the scoop:

Investigative filmmaker Cullen Hoback’s poignant examination of the 2014 water crisis in the “Chemical Valley” of West Virginia delicately disseminates the facade of government-based environmental protection. Acting as the necessarily concerned water detective, along with a team of independent scientists and regulations enforcement officials, Hoback traces patterns of bureaucratic manipulation, irresponsible regulation implementation and scientific deception that calls into question the very institutions established to protect people. This up-to-the-minute film is a startling indication that the threat of water contamination is not limited to the isolated incidences covered in the media such as Flint Michigan and Charleston West Virginia. It extends to everyone who drinks water, making us all subject to What Lies Upstream.

Check out the trailer here

all Wednesday night films at Nowadays are free / screening starts at sun down / if you’re just coming to hang out, have dinner or have a drink at Nowadays, there will be plenty of space away from the film to do that