Outdoor Film Night with Maysles Cinema: Making Do The Right Thing on 16mm

Tonight we’re doing a rain check for one of the films in our Wednesday-night series with Maysles Cinema, the Harlem based film house founded by the late, great Albert Maysles.  The film is Making Do The Right Thing on an original 16mm print. Here’s what the folks at Maysles Cinema have to say about it:

For ten weeks during the summer of 1988, Spike Lee took his cast and crew to Brooklyn’s “Do or Die” Bed Stuy to shoot Do the Right Thing. Using interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of Lee at work with his stars Danny Aeillo, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and Giancarlo Esposito, Making “Do the Right Thing” records the creation of this important American film. But beyond this, Bourne’s film captures the fascinating transformation of a proto-gentrifying Bed-Stuy into a Hollywood movie set, and the impact of this disruption on the area’s residents. The difficulties of on location shooting – security, control on the set, community cooperation – were made extreme by this story’s setting. Tensions arose which just don’t exist on the back lots at Universal. By recognizing these particular problems, Making “Do the Right Thing” becomes a social documentary as well as a chronicle of Spike Lee’s powerful feature.

all Wednesday night films at Nowadays are free / screening starts at sun down / if you’re just coming to hang out, have dinner or have a drink at Nowadays, there will be plenty of space away from the film to do that