Outdoor Film Night with Maysles Cinema: My Crasy Life

Every Wednesday at Nowadays, we screen a film in the big back yard in conjunction with Maysles Cinema, the Harlem based film house founded by the late, great Albert Maysles. Tonight we’re very excited to be presenting Jean-Pierre Gorin’s My Crasy Life. Here’s the scoop:

Jean-Pierre Gorin’s gripping and unique film about a Samoan street gang in Long Beach, California, is, like other works by the filmmaker, a probing look at a closed community with its own rules, rituals, and language. Part observational documentary, part fiction invisibly scripted and shaped by the director, My Crasy Life, which won a special jury prize at Sundance, is an enthralling and intensely focused contemplation of violence and dislocation.

all Wednesday night films at Nowadays are free / screening starts at sun down / if you’re just coming to hang out, have dinner or have a drink at Nowadays, there will be plenty of space away from the film to do that